ISR Instructors
Certified ISR Instructors Kim Marks and Cassidy Brown

Cassidy Brown

After witnessing a near drowning experience by 2 young girls I have always worried about the possibility of an unfortunate event with my own children. If we had not been in the pool that day, I have no doubt the outcome would have been devastating for those two young girls. I often think of this event and it drove me to where I’m at today. I first learned about ISR when a friend’s daughter went through the program. It was imperative that my children go through the program as well! After my oldest daughter completed lessons through ISR Lubbock I moved forward with getting certified as an Instructor. My passion for “coaching” and working with young children was met by being an Instructor and I look forward to working with your child as I tackle ISR’s mission that “Not One More Child Drowns”!

My husband, Julius, and I have two daughters, Lyric and Jazzi, and a son, Kash. We love the water and sharing water safety is a passion of mine! I look forward to helping your child become an aquatic problem solver where they feel comfortable in/around water and have the ability to both enjoy it and utilize self-rescue techniques should the need arise.

Kim Marks

As a parent, ensuring the safety of my little ones is of the utmost importance. My husband, Lee and I have two children, Liam and Logan. They love being in the water and I wanted to equip them with the right skills. We first heard about ISR when a close friend recommended the program after her daughter completed it. Shortly before our session began, I was heartbroken to hear about a recent drowning of a little boy in a town not too far from where we moved from. I knew I had to make it a priority to have my children complete ISR’s program.

After both of my children completed their lessons, I went on to become certified as an ISR instructor. I am passionate about water safety and helping your child gain a healthy respect for the water. I look forward to continuing to support our mission of “Not One More Child Drowns!”

“We are very happy – both Cassidy and Kim are very professional, competent, and know how to handle our daughter and we can see the progress she is making.”